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Your Safety
For your safety, don’t make your own bank deposits; designate a driver. A professional, armed driver.
As a leading provider of armored transportation, Sectran Security will transport your assets while you remain safe in your store. Our well trained professional crews, state-of-the-art trucks, and all-risk insurance keep your assets safe and secure.
Sectran Security Inc. will deliver more than your bank deposits: we’ll deliver peace of mind.
Sectran Security takes you out of the line of fire, and puts your deposit in the hands of our trained armored transportation staff.
Your assets are protected from the moment you cosign your shipment to us. And, Sectran Security offers armored transportation at an economical rate throughout Southern California. Whether you have single or multiple locations, we’ll provide safe, convenient, and customized service.
Leave the dangerous job of transporting your deposits to professionals. At these rates there is no excuse to continue putting yourself or your employees at risk.