Smart safe cash management

Smart Safes

Allow us to create a cash management solution with our e-Deposit smart safe that minimizes your costs and maximizes your employees' time in value added activities with your customers.

Our safes operate as a virtual teller, receiving your daily deposits and giving you credit for your funds. Our solution will assist in loss prevention, employee accountability and store profitability. Our overall solution is the most robust and cost effective in the industry.

What is it:

  • The summary answer to this question is that it is basically a reverse ATM. That means that you can only insert cash into the unit. Smartsafes do not dispense cash.
  • The smartsafe does not accept coin deposits or checks.
  • Tracks all cash deposits into the smartsafe.

Why do I want to consider this:

  • Smartsafes are becoming the fastest growing service for cash customers. No longer is it the traditional armored car for daily pick-ups.
  • Once smartsafes are installed, employee theft is eliminated – because now each employee is responsible for depositing cash into the unit.
  • Wasted employee time processing and preparing deposits, cash is handled one time.
  • In most cases where a retailer has armored car service 3 or more times per week, the smartsafe is a financial benefit to the business.
  • Armored car services are generally 1 time per week, verses daily. This lessens the chance of a business getting robbed while the armored car sits in front of their location.
  • Once the cash is inserted into the smartsafe it is insured and no longer the liability of the business owner. This can result in lower insurance costs for cash on site.
  • When the cash is picked up, only the Sectran employee removes the cash – the business owner or manager are not involved in this process.
  • Managers or employees no longer need to take time to go to the bank with high risk deposits.

Why do I want to consider Sectran:

  • Sectran is the only armored company that "does it all A-Z" we do the installation, set up and training, rental of the smartsafe to the customer, we provide the maintenance service and provisional credit through the term of the agreement. We are your ONE STOP solution.
  • Sectran offers a provisional credit program that allows the customer to have daily deposits ACH'ed to their bank, ANY BANK that they choose to work with (local or national). You are no longer tied to just the major banks that offer this solution.
  • Customer Service (our top priority) – we are the only remaining regional security company that you can contact directly. No calling a national company that is based in another part of the country. We meet face-to-face with our customers, not just an email or phone call.
  • Customizable email alerts; if the smartsafe does not have deposits made within the time you determine, an alert will be sent. If the smartsafe goes down because someone unplugged it or the power went out, you will be sent an alert. If the smartsafe cash fills up faster than expected, an alert is sent. This and many other options are available.
  • With our on-line service (included) you will be able to monitor your locations with any remote device that has access to the internet.
  • Reporting: want to find out who made a deposit and when – its available. Other reports include; end of day deposits, end of shift reports, consolidated end of day and many others.
  • Set your own "end of day", we can set any time in our system for your business cut off.
  • Need additional training, Sectran will provide you with any training, at any time for no additional cost.
  • No up-front fees, you only pay the once a month service fee.

What is the Down Side to the smartsafe:

  • It is typically a five year contract with the customer, we know that this can be a long term commitment. What is our solution; we offer our customers a pilot with our smartsafe from 30 to 60 days. If at the end of the pilot you are not satisfied with the solution, we will remove the smartsafe at no cost or contract commitment.
  • This WILL be a different internal process for you, by doing the pilot you can learn how to change your accounting procedures for balancing, how do I handle coin deposits and checks, what procedures do you use for your employees. This all takes a few weeks to sort out, we understand and will help you with suggestions.

    Our customers believe we have the best smartsafe solution!